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When you care enough, you can change the world.

This driving belief is central to every initiative that the VNA foundation seeks to pursue, in its effort to make a difference in its own way towards creating a new world reality. An obligation that rests equally on each of us as inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

Adopting a moral stance in terms of contributing to society by addressing social, environmental, educational and health issues is what allows us to leave an enduring imprint on our surrounding environs, while imparting a great sense of pride and gratification as a fitting reward.

In continuation ofa legacy of responsible corporate citizenship, we are cognizant of the existent opportunities for generating maximum impact and inclusive growth in our society, driven by a clearly defined strategy and supported by smooth implementation of various social engagement initiatives. We work proactively in collaboration with well-known NGOs towards realizing our CSR objectives of promoting sustainability in society and providing ongoing support through our core business and other activities, to meet the evolving needs of all our various areas of CSR focus.

Our CSR initiatives fortify us as a community conscious, socially responsible company, committed to offering a helping hand to communities that surround us, as all our CSR projects steadily move ahead in the direction of holistic development of the individual as well as society as a whole.