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The VNA Foundation recognizes education to be one of the key drivers that fuel progress and growth, as well as being one of the key building blocks of society.

Education is a priority area of focus and central to the CSR program and initiatives at PVNA. Understanding the significance and relevance of education, a major step in this direction has been initiated with the financing of the Aasraa Foundation, a Dehradun-based NGO, that has been actively working towards uplifting children from under privileged backgrounds. To this end, Aasra has been attempting to teach and educate the children from BPL backgrounds such as rag pickers, beggars, addicts, runaways and orphans.

Funding adequately for such a noble cause is an integral and an important aspect that helps such NGOs sustain their operations and meet their objectives. We feel privileged at being able to contribute to this wonderful cause, that seeks to nourish and develop young minds. The increase in literacy levels in turn helps empower and build a rewarding future for each of these young children, helping them adjust to a changing, dynamic and evolving environment and eventually play a part in contributing to the development of the nation as a whole.