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Conservation of our environment and creating a sustainable world is largely interlinked with the belief system and approach, that each of us aligns with in terms of the difference we can make to the cause. There are several growing concerns that pose a rapidly growing threat to our environment. The greening of the planet has been one initiative that has been largely recognized as something that can create a substantial impact in the direction of environment conservation.

To this end, the VNA foundation conducts large scale‘Tree-Plantation’ drives on a regular basis with active participation from its employees. This initiative has a substantial impact on improving the sustainability and air quality of the areas where these initiatives are deployed, while ensuring a positive impact on the life of the inhabitants of these locales, in terms of their overall health and quality of life.

Every tree grown not only contributes directly to the local environment, but also has a deep effect on the regeneration and propagation of the entire ecological process.

Of the many components that form part of our vision of working towards a better world, the greening of our world is a major step in the right direction. We aim to do our bit by starting to first improve the geographies that are within our confines, simply by growing trees- lots and lots of them.